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Devonport Heritage 2017, an incorporated society formed in 2017, promotes heritage and sustainable development in Devonport.


Public input on Mt Victoria/Takarunga and North Head/Maungauika

Spokesperson McRae

The Maunga Authority is calling for the public to make submissions. Submitters are being asked to comment on the proposed strategies that will manage the conservation of all the 14 Maunga. There will be further opportunities to comment on the individual plans for Takarunga (Mt Victoria) and Maungauika (North Head) at a later date.

Devonport Heritage will comment on the following: protect the integrity of the Maunga, give people and pedestrian access priority, ensure that the Auckland view-shafts focused on the Tupuna Maunga are maintained and preserved, that commercial activities of the leaseholders remain at the same level and are not increased, that appropriate signage is used and has a low impact, develop traffic control management plans that have application to all Maunga, incorporate on-road bike access with city and nationwide bike schemes.

The submissions are due by 29th April, either email or post to Tupuna Maunga Authority, PB 92300, Victoria St West, Auck 1142. To view the PDF files visit the Auckland Council website and enter Integrated Management Plan in the search box: PDF 1 describes the background while PDF 2 gives the information regarding the future plans for the 14 Maunga.