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Victoria Road
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Devonport Heritage 2017, an incorporated society formed in 2017, promotes heritage and sustainable development in Devonport.

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Streets of Devonport


In an effort to build a rich historical reference to the heritage of Devonport we have begun a project to catalogue the streets of Devonport. At each of our regular events evenings held through out the year we present a detailed historical presentation of a particular street. In time we hope to create a valuable archive for future residents and future generations to build their appreciation of this iconic village.


Burgess Road and Domain Street

These early street reflect the original development of Devonport around Flagstaff from the 1880’s


allenby avenue

Originally named Domain Street, Allenby Avenue is noted for its history as a showcase of architecture and building prowess of the turn of the 20th century builders craft.


Buchanan street

Named after William Buchanan who arrived in Auckland in 1858, an early entrepreneur in the new colony of New Zealand who went on to become a successful businessman and councillor of Devonport, contributing to many of the facilities the village now enjoys. The Street has a significant history through the 20th Century as the home to a number of hospitals.


your street

We would gratefully welcome support of our members and friends to recommend or share in the history of their street. If you have any historic photos, documents and stories that relate to your home or street then please share these with us so as to help us all appreciate this great community