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Devonport Heritage 2017, an incorporated society formed in 2017, promotes heritage and sustainable development in Devonport.


Ryman's retirement village - pushing for full public notification

Spokesperson McRae

Wakakura Crescent looking to Mt Victoria -Takarunga

Devonport Heritage is lobbying for public notification of the proposed facility at Wakakura Crescent/Ngataringa Road.  It seems a little disingenuous for this to be described as a "village" , when it is in fact a complex of multi-story buildings being inserted into a quiet residential neighbourhood.

We have no argument with a retirement complex as a concept, but the size and scale must be appropriate to the site and respect for the heritage aspects of the site should be front of mind.

At present the site is zoned Residential 4B, and whole the proposed Unitary Plan allows development of 3-4 storeys, this application is applying to build 5 and 6 storey blocks. The Urban Design Panel have looked at the application and in their opinion further consideration of heights and lengths of blocks is needed, along with looking at view-shafts between the blocks.

This issue has many aspects other than the widely publicised effects on traffic: i.e exemption for providing a public esplanade along the foreshore _"Pollys Park/ The Glade"; removal of trees; excavation and alteration of a heritage site ( all Discretionary Activities ) and the demolition of an Archaeological Site -Duder's Brickworks ( Non-Complying Activity)