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Devonport Heritage 2017, an incorporated society formed in 2017, promotes heritage and sustainable development in Devonport.


Message to our Councillors who are deciding on the Unitary Plan:

Claudia Page

Dear Councillor,        

 The IHP recommends changing the 9 metre Height Sensitive Area for the Devonport centre to allow buildings up to 13 metres  -  and council staff agree.


Devonport is the only one of all HSAs and Volcanic Cone Viewshafts to be singled out for this treatment.  (Agenda Item 5.3 D) 

We ask that you reject these recommendations and stand by the decision your committee made in April  not to alter the Devonport HSA. 

Takarunga/Mt Victoria is a significant volcanic cone and has been a majestic backdrop to the Devonport centre for 160 years. The unique value of the victorian buildings and their relationship to the maunga is recognized throughout New Zealand.

Yet the IHP’s recommendation contradicts its decision on a similar proposal for the HSA at the Elizabeth Knox site on Mt St John.

In that case the Panel stated the resource consent process would be the best way of dealing with some sites where building through the HSA height limit would not affect views to the maunga.

This is exactly the same situation for the Devonport centre: development will be able to occur because the resource consent process will allow buildings to exceed 9 metres if it is proven there will be no loss of views to Mt Victoria.

There is a simple choice:  -  the 9 metre HSA will protect views of Mt Victoria

                                          -  the 13 metre limit will not.

 Surely in the great Auckland Supercity there is room to respect the enduring connection between this maunga and the little town at its feet.

                     We ask that you stand by your decision to fully preserve the Devonport Centre HSA.


Margot McRae

For Devonport Heritage Inc. 

Upper Victoria Road panorama 2016