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Devonport Heritage 2017, an incorporated society formed in 2017, promotes heritage and sustainable development in Devonport.


Childcare Centre consent declined

Claudia Page

The consent for converting the historic villa a 159 Victoria Road into a daycare centre has been turned down by Auckland Council. The full consent is lengthy, but here are the comments with regards to heritage."

"The adaptation of this significant Victorian villa into a large childcare centre will place pressures upon the heritage values of this 1886 house. While the additions at the rear can be supported, it is the carparking and driveway in the front yard that adversely impacts upon the stret elevation. The size of the proposed centre and the number of carparks generated has led to the total area in front of the dwelling being given over to car parking with minimal landscaping to provide the setting referred to by Mr Salmond. While the villa has always sat below the road level, the proposal to raise the carpark up closer to the verandah deck level will effectively lower the base of the house from view and alter the classic proportions of the villa, where the verandah currently sits on a 'plinth' and requires entry steps. We do not support the loss of heritage character as caused by the location of a crowded car park in the front yard of this historic villa."