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Devonport Heritage 2017, an incorporated society formed in 2017, promotes heritage and sustainable development in Devonport.



The objectives of Devonport Heritage 2017 are:

a) To acknowledge and affirm that Devonport’s character is recognised and valued by its residents and others.

b) To ensure that future developments enhance the existing heritage rather than destroying and replacing it

c) To identify, recognise and seek to save features of Devonport which give it heritage character such as buildings, parks, beaches, streetscapes, significant groups of buildings and other items including those which pre-date European settlement

d) Educate the community by fostering awareness and promote appreciation amongst the public about the history and heritage of Devonport.

e) To actively encourage the business community to enhance and protect the heritage nature of the Devonport area.

f) Promote the identification, protection, preservation and conservation of the history and heritage of Devonport

g) To take appropriate steps to see that Devonport’s heritage is maintained and enhanced in a way that allows harmonious development and adds to the social, cultural and recreational enjoyment of Devonport by its residents and visitors

h) Collect and preserve archival material concerning the history and heritage of Devonport

i) Promote an interest in the history and heritage of Devonport

j) To work with Auckland Council and the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board in matters concerning heritage, particularly in meeting the requirements of the Resource Management Act and the Unitary Plan, and to encourage these local and also national Government bodies to provide incentives and assistance to property owners, business proprietors and others to retain, maintain and enhance their properties in a way that contributes to the heritage environment

k) Publish and disseminate information about the history and heritage of Devonport, inclusive of lectures, discussion meetings, written material, historical studies, documentaries, plays and other suitable means

l) To associate with other groups with similar or complementary objectives

m) To raise sufficient funds to enable the stated objectives to be carried out

n) Do anything necessary or helpful for the above purposes